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Belts are much more than just functional accessories and can also be fashionable statement pieces that enhance the overall look. However, the right belt size is essential for both comfort and style. Here’s our Waist Belt Size Finder that helps you choose your right belt size.

To check your belt size in S, M, L, XL, or XXL, please enter your waist size in inches in the input bar. Next, click on the Calculate option to get your belt size in the above format.

Belt SizeBelt Length (in inches)

How to know your belt length size?

  • Measure Your Waist: The first step in finding the right belt size is to measure your waist. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure around your waist where you usually wear the belt. Make sure the tape is comfortable but not too tight. This measurement is your waist size, which will help you choose the right belt.
  • Use the Size Chart: Once you have your waist measurement, refer to the women's belt size chart. These charts usually provide a range of waist sizes and their corresponding belt sizes. Belt sizes often come in small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL) options. Match your waist measurement to the appropriate size on the chart.
  • Consider the Belt Style: The style of the belt can also affect the size you choose. For example, if you are purchasing a narrow belt to wear with jeans or trousers, it may be simpler to determine the size. However, wider belts or belts designed to be worn at your natural waist may require a more precise fit.
  • Shop from Reputed Brands: When shopping for belts, choose reputable brands or stores with a clear return policy. This way, you can replace or return the belt if it doesn't fit as expected.

Note: If you're unsure about the fit, don't hesitate to try a belt on before purchasing it. Make sure it fits comfortably and can be tied securely without making it too tight or too loose. Remember, the belt size can vary between brands, so it's always a good idea to test fit.

List of popular waist belt brands:

A list of all the popular belt brands in the world is given below:

  • Cortorno Belts:┬áContorno is a reputable brand in the fashion accessory market, renowned for its stylish, high-quality belts. The brand's focus is on design, quality materials and customer satisfaction. Whether you're looking for casual wear, professional attire or special occasions, Contorno belts offer a versatile and chic solution to elevate any outfit.
  • Gucci: Gucci is an Italian luxury brand famous for its wide leather logo, which comes with the iconic "GG" logo and in a variety of colours. It is a favourite accessory of many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Dakota Johnson, Kendall Jenner, and many others.
  • Dior: Dior is a French couture label that offers a belt featuring the initials "CD" on a gold-tone buckle. It can be worn with black or beige depending on your style.
  • Louis Vuitton: It is also a French luxury brand known for its signature monogram canvas. Its iconic belts have a wide range of options for luxury belts that adorn them.
  • Saint Laurent: The company is popular with fashion houses and offers a sleek and sophisticated leather slim belt, showcasing the elegant "YSL" monogram in gold. It is a versatile piece that can be paired with a number of outfits.
  • Hermes: This French luxury brand is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and quality, which is reflected in its H belts. This is a classic and sophisticated belt, with a polished "H" buckle, and you can customize it with different colours and materials.

Waist belt size chart:

Measure your waist. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure your waist where you normally wear a belt. Make sure the tape is comfortable but not too tight.

Waist Size (inches)Belt size
24 - 27 S (small )
28 - 31M (medium)
32 - 35L (large )
36 - 39XL
40 - 43XXL
44 - 50XXXL


How do I measure my waist for the correct belt size?

To measure your waist for the belt, use a flexible measuring tape. Wrap it around your waist where you'd normally wear a belt and make sure it's comfortable but not too tight. Then, check the dimensions in inches or mm when selecting the proper belt size.

Can I use the same belt size for all styles of belts?

The size of the belt you need will vary depending on the style of the belt and how you plan to wear it. For example, a wide waist-cinching belt may require a different size than a narrow jeans belt.

What if I'm in between belt sizes?

If your waist measurement falls between two sizes on the belt size chart, you have some flexibility. Consider the style of the belt and whether it is adjustable. You can go with a larger size for a loose fit.

Do belt sizes vary between brands?

Yes, belt sizes can vary between brands, so it's important to check the specific brand's size guidelines when purchasing a belt, especially if you're unsure about the fit. Reputable brands often provide detailed size information to help you choose the right size.

What if I buy a belt online and it doesn't fit correctly?

It doesn't matter if you buy the belt online, just check the return policy. Many online stores offer hassle-free returns or exchanges.