Women Clothing Size Calculator

To calculate clothing size, simply enter your bust, waist and hips size. Click the Calculate Size button and you will get the actual size of your clothes.

Women's Clothing Size Calculator

Women’s clothing sizes in US

Women’s clothing sizes are a complex one, and you can find variations across different brands, regions, and styles. So you need a basic understanding of measurement and size systems. So let’s delve deeper into clothing sizes to highlight this aspect of fashion shopping.

Why should you know your size?

It is important to know your exact clothing size for a comfortable and flattering fit, otherwise you will end up wearing a garment that will not properly fit. And you know that poorly fitting clothes can affect comfort, so understanding the size is essential.

Clothing size names

Clothing sizes can be classified in numerical, alphabetical, or alpha-numeric systems. In the United States, numeric sizes are commonly used, ranging in size from 0 to 20 or more. Additionally, letter sizes such as XS, S, M, L and XL are prevalent, providing a wide range of options.

Size NameMeaning
XSExtra small
XLExtra Large
XXLDouble Extra Large

Women size chart

To measure correctly, you will need to measure your chest, waist, and hips. These measurements serve as a guideline when you look at size charts provided by clothing brands.

Size 0322434
Size 2332535
Size 4342636
Size 6352737
Size 8362838
Size 10372939
Size 1238.530.540.5
Size 14403242
Size 1641.533.543.5
Size 18433545
Size 20453747

Note: All dimensions are in inches.

Size variation across brands

Whether or not it will fit, due to the lack of standardization across different brands, so it is challenging for women to choose the right size clothing. One brand’s size 10 may differ from another brand’s size 10. Therefore, contact with the brand authorities to get more information with their size chart.

Tips for right fit

When you shop clothes online, check the brand names and their size charts through the official website. Most of the branded companies follow the standard size chart. Also to try the clothes on while you’re shopping in the store. But if you shop online, then definitely check their refund policy.


This is a simple women’s clothing size calculator and some basic information to enhance your shopping experience. By knowing your measurements, familiarizing yourself with different size systems, and considering variations across brands, you can confidently find clothes that fit your body shape.